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9th Aug, 2007



I've done all the contract siging and stuff so I definitely definitely leave my job with a chunk of cash at the end of this month. Already scared as their hasn't been too much interest from prospective employers, I did have an interview yesterday which seemed to go okay, not sure if I'll get the job though.

Happier events have been the World Superbikes at Brands Hatch at the weekend. Good racing, consumption of beer and a double win for James Toseland, he's gonna win the title again I think. I really hope he does well in MotoGP next season.

Went to cricket on Monday night, Sussex beat Gloucestershire in a Pro40 match at Hove. A good game too cos the away side batted first and posted a decent score of 266 which Sussex chased down under floodlights :-)

As I type England have just got a wicket against India :-) I may well miss this watching TV lark if I do find myself with a job where I am required to perform some function other than festering in a chair, breaking wind and trying to rid the world of tea.

23rd Jul, 2007


RIP Ollie Bridewell


Very very sad.

19th Jul, 2007



Went to see the mighty Sussex at Hove last night in the Twenty20 cup against Yorkshire. 

Sussex won the toss and chose to bat, the 7000+ crowd (largely tanked up on lager) roared appreciation and waved cards for every Sussex boundary, and laughed at sloppy fielding from the opposition. Ended the innings 193-5.

When Yorkshire came in to bat we showed what good sportsmen we are..... not! Silence greeted most Yorkshire boundaries, a couple of good ones warranted a vey light ripple of applause and we whisped to each other 'I suppose that was okay'. But we were soon shouting again when the Yorkshire wickets started falling. We sent Yorkshire crashing out of the competition 155 all out.

A good nights entertainment. I'm not sure if there were any Yorkshire fans present, but if there were they kept their heads down!

Yorkshire can at least console themselves they are one point ahead of us in the county championship - but we're gonna get them!!!

18th Jul, 2007


I nearly died on the way home....

Well maybe thats a slight exageration! But a bloody great plank of wood came of a builders lorry going in the other direction to me. Fortunately I saw it moving before it made it's bid for freedom and slowed considerably. When it jumped I braked very hard and as it clattered into my side of the road it just caught the front of my car. Next to no damage but it could have been very nasty if I wasn't paying good attention to the road. It's a narrow road so I couldn't really have swerved to avoid it. 

I told the builder in no uncertain terms that it could have been fucking unpleasant and augmented the remark with one of my stares. Theres so little damage that I don't think I can be arsed to fill out insurance forms, I can fix the damage with some superglue, in fact I think I had fixed the tiny foglight clip that broke with superglue before after a high speed encounter with a pheasant which is probably why it broke.

This avoidance of death has left me with a dilemma though..... I have finally been offered VR, quite a chunk of tax free cash could be mine - the only problem being that would need to buy a suit and go job hunting, both of which are very scary prospects.

10th Jul, 2007


Part Man Part Lobster

There was quite a bit of sun at the British GP and there's not much in the way of shade at Silverstone unless you're in a covered grandstand. Despite my frequent application of sun block and the constant wearing of a silly hat I still got burnt - damn my fair skin!!

Great atmosphere though, more people than I've seen there in the last 4 years, they made a huge noise when Lewis got the pole on Saturday. Sadly I think McLaren knew they would have a very tough time beating Ferrari so just went for Saturday glory. Fortunately due to a start line issue for a Ferrari Lewis did get on the podium so there was much cheering. Thats makes 9 in a row.

Might be my last GP for a while 'cos my marshall friend who get me the free pass is taking his daughter next year, I could afford it but I wouldn't be able to get into the marshalls camp site so I'd be on my own each evening - I get enough of that at home but at least I have the TV.

In the 3 working days I was at Silverstone things seemed to move on re my Redundancy. I've got to pass my skills on to someone else which has come out of the blue so it's clearly under serious consideration. I want the money, I'm sick of my job but I'm still shit scared at the prospect of being unemployed and possibly even more scared of having to go back to Burger World full time.

4th Jul, 2007


Life, the weather and everything

Friday, went to see Sussex play Twenty20 at Hove against arch rivals Surrey. Sussex lost, and it wasn't just a loss it was a humiliating defeat; and one of our floodlights blew up :-( At least England won against the WIndies. Sussex won two away games earlier in the week then have a home game and get spanked, am I a jinx? Maybe I should stay home and listen online?
Saturday and Sunday went to see Historic Formula 1 at Brands Hatch - pissed with rain again. So much so I decided not to camp and to drive home each evening. Obviously this hampered my enjoyment somewhat since there is no sport that isn't improved by 'the repeated consumption of fermented vegetable drinks'.

Tuesday, more Cricket. This time against Essex - Sussex won! Woo hoo the first time I've actually seen them win!!! 

At work today then off to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix and much drinking. Definitely camping whatever the weather, and it looks like rain!! I don't mind rain so much at Silverstone because if it's sunny I spend all day running for shade that isnt there and sticky with anti lobster cream. Brands Hatch has plenty of shade so I don't mind the sun there.

Work still rubbish, they still won't let me go with a golden handshake, still at least I've got the 2nd ODI against the WIndies to watch. Looking forward to another England victory.

27th Jun, 2007


blair has resigned....

...you would think that was a good thing but I have a nasty feeling that brown will be an even bigger fuckwit.

It's hard to descibe how bad his managment of the economy has been, but it conjures up an image in my mind of a chimpanzee with a piggy bank and a large hammer. The average chimpanzee of course doesn't have millions of pounds worth of peoples pensions to steal.

We are getting fined more, for any offence they can think of. We are being taxed more, whether on income or by stealth on anything they can think of. And yet the country is still in a huge amount of debt, so much so that IMF has refused to lend us any more money.

And is anything really better for it? Well if it is then I haven't seen it!!!

I'm sure foreign leaders will be mightily impressed with brown, particularly just how thorough he is when biting his nails.

26th Jun, 2007


There's some weather going on

Apparently large area's of the country are flooded, people are being evacuated, houses are without power!!

Well, I've seen a bit of rain, but the worst thing to happen to me is that the Twenty20 match at Hove on Sunday was abandoned!!! I'm glad I live in the South :-) 

The phone system in the office did get struck by lightning - but I don't do phones so I couldn't give a toss! I've enjoyed telling all the users, who think that IT support includes ANYTHING with a cable that I can't help them.

I've got more 'rain' at work at the moment. Air con man is draining water from the ceiling into buckets. 'Please don't spill that bucket of water on my file server' mind you it would give me something to do if he did!!!

Air con is buggered has been for a few days its very humid :-(

13th Jun, 2007


More beer...

...but not before a nasty work moment on Thursday. It appears that one of the very few users in my building had been naughty with his PC and got infected with a virus from some dodgy software he installed. Also his PC was covered in games and MP3's - not really allowed!.

I knew something was up 'cos I got a mail from Security ordering me to go and relieve him of his laptop with no real explanation and he was not allowed to save or do anything with the PC. Security are only 6 miles away so I replied to them that if this was a disciplinery matter then they could come and get it themselves 'cos I'm not a policeman!!!

They did, and shortly after I was ordered to go and see them immediately: Because I'd logged onto this users PC when I rebuilt it after his last virus there was a copy of my profile on it, furthermore part of the profile had been accessed the previous day - so obviously I was guilty of some hideous crime!! Got there, and in 3 minutes said yes I've logged on to his PC, not recently, if the files were accessed then it was by him or more likely the anti virus scanner, can I go now? Matter over

And just as well 'cos on Friday I was off to Brand's Hatch for the Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft or DTM and lots of beer. Weather far more sensible than last time so it was a good weekend.

Back to work, more arguments going on about my VR, of course I only know this grapvine but its very yes/no/maybe at the moment.

4th Jun, 2007


Weekend on the piss

Spent all weekend drinking. The football in the pub on Friday night. Then Cricket at Hove. Last day of Sussex v Lancs on Saturday it was a draw, the whole of the first day was lost to rain so not too surprising though at one point it looked like Sussex could lose. And yesterday was a one dayer against Kent. Sussex got spanked and to make matters worse there was quite a few Kent supporters there. Good job it wasn't a football match - they wouldn't have got out of the ground alive!!

I'm starting to think that I am jinxing Sussex, last year they were double winners: as soon as I start attending a few games they lose everything!!! Oh well it's the beer thats important really! I must put more sun block on as I'm looking part lobster at the moment, wearing a big floppy hat and seeking shade wherever possible was still not enough for my pasty white skin.

Work very quiet as usual and an unmittigated disaster has occurred!! My Internet connection is down - how will I be able to watch TV off my SlingBox now?!? The ADSL router blew its power supply which is most annoying, sod all chance of getting it replaced need to try and find one for free. It is after all company property so why should I pay to replace it even if I am pretty much the only one who uses it? Plus if I create a stink theres a good chance sombody will realise they don't need it and cancel it. Must proceed with caution!

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